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TMDG A Teacup Toy

Liberty Call Farm Apollo 2015 LA: 87 VVE

Sire's Sire: Double Durango Zeus II

Sire's Dam: Buttin'Heads Empronada

Dam: Peticure-O-Lait IM A Pet LA 2015: +++ (young stock)

DD: Little Tots Estate Ivory Mist LA 2015: 85 +VV

DS: Little Tots Estate Alpinia LA 2015: 87 VVEV

DOB: April 8 2016


Teacup is just like her dam - except a different color. She is weak in the chest (like Pet), loves to escape (with Pet) looks a little ugly (as Pet did at her age) and is... well... like Pet! When Pet was a young doe she looked and was a bit sickly. But now (and I am glad we gave her a shot) she is hardy, has a great udder, and is a spectacular milk producer, despite her small size. We see many of Pet's characteristics in Teacup and are hoping she is like Pet, except improved!