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Sales Policy

Our does have all tested CAE free as of January 2015

$100 NON-Refundable DEPOSIT per goat at this email address below (the deposit amount may be subject to change depending on the situation)

afigfarm at gmail dot com.

contact us at afigfarm at gmail dot com if you are interested. Thank You!

WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO CHANGE OUR MIND ON OUR GOATS ON THE SALES PAGE, BUT,once a deposit is on a goat, it WILL be the goat you get, unless you change your mind.

With the goat(s) that you buy, we choose to bless you by providing extra caring support (it's a blessing, AKA a gift, as it's coming out of our budget and time and we are not asking to be paid for it, please do appreciate the gesture.

You will receive a small bag of feed

You will receive our homemade lick (which can also be found in "The Natural Goat Care" book by Pat Coleby)

You will receive email support if you need it as you move on forward with your animal(s) (if you are new at goat raising OR new at organic/natural goat care).

Please acknowledge that we are not breeding for colors at all, if the colors are attractive, good for the buyer or owner (as we always have our preferences too), YET colors are not interfering with our breeding program. We breed according to the possibilities we see in the genetics.

When we breed we look for combining traits such as:

  • a buck with heavy conformation with a doe that is on the smaller side to help increase her offsprings' height and size.
  • a buck who passes on average milking potential but has excellent hardiness and teat placement with a doe with great milking production in need of better attachment.
  • a buck that has a production tested lineage to improve his daughters and son in milk production
  • etc....

It's a lot of work and guessing and hope involved. It often pays for the hard thinking process.

Our herd has grown to a point where we are starting to repeat our best does and bucks and we are feeling delighted to see less and less "average" looking animals. Anytime we do bring in a different line into our breed, we are taking a risk to lower our standard as much as taking the risk to improve and get the "jack-pot" if we may say.

It's a lot of risk taking and we found that it's has been safer to reproduce our own lines as we know what comes out of them.

There is this once in awhile doe or buck from some other farm which will provide our kids and we love it when this world of blessings happens. :)

Our goal is to breed for excellent udder attachment, teat placement, excellent udder medial. We aim for milk capacity and overall awesome conformation and hardiness on our animals. 

We do not show our goats as this time and we have started Linear Appraisal and soon DHIR will be part of the program as well.

Thank You and Blessings! =D

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