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Doublegate TH Pret-T

  • Udder while nursing 2 kids.
    Udder while nursing 2 kids.
  • Overnight Fill - Second Freshening
    Overnight Fill - Second Freshening
  • Overnight Fill - Second Freshening
    Overnight Fill - Second Freshening
  • First Freshening
    First Freshening

Sire: Deer Ridge Twilight Hunter 2014 LA: 81 +++

SS: TX Twincreeks Edge of Twilight

SD: TX Twincreeks G Freesia

Dam: Doublegate Z Dazzle 2014 LA: 86 VEVV

DS: NC Promisedland RC Zorro

DD: SG Doublegate PT Doodlebug 2011 LA: 91 EEEE

DOB: February 13 2014

ADGA: D1709359

LA Score 2015: Young Stock VVV

Pret-T is now on her second freshening and her udder is awesome! She has the same great conformation (actually better), plus a lot more milk. She had 2 doe kids (sired by Apollo), and is an excellent mom. Her kids also look great and really well conformed.

Pret-T's udder is nearly perfect. Her flow is excellent, her udder is high, attached, and very well rounded. She has a great fore udder, I guess the only thing I'd improve is her teat placement, (they could stand being a bit more closer together). But she's awesome anyway!

We are pleased with Pret-t's LA score. It looked like she was in milk because of her pre-freshening udder, as she was to kid a month later. We admire her overall conformation, but what we like more is her udder.

When Pret-T was a kid, she looked quite awful. She just wouldn't put on weight and was extremely awkward. But as it turns out, she is heavy-boned, sturdy, awesome, great, fantastic, and, amazing! She's just one of those goats you can't seem to say enough good things about!

She has definitely blossomed since she was a kid!

Kidding History
 Ferbruary 2017
 March 2016
 June 2015

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