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Abigail's Agape IM Pecan

  • 24 Hour Fill, 1st Freshening
    24 Hour Fill, 1st Freshening
  • 24 Hour Fill, 1st Freshening
    24 Hour Fill, 1st Freshening

Sire: Little Tots Estate Ivory Mist 2015 LA: 85 +VV
SS: MCH Woodhaven Farms Luzifer Blue
SD: Enchanted Hill Glimmer

Dam: Peticure-O-Lait C Benediction 2015 LA: 88 VEEV

DD: Kaco Yellow Rose Lady Banks LA 2010: 83 A+EV

DS: Doublegate MS Charbon LA 2014: 86 VVV

DOB: June 9 2014

ADGA# D1708712

Pecan's udder is just, well, like nothing! It's one of the most smallest ridiculous udders I've seen yet! It is actually a tiny bit bigger than Benediction's first freshening udder, so I don't wonder where Pecan gets it from...

Her udder is well conformed, its just extremely petit! It reminds me of her dam Benediction, whom on her second freshening, her udder grew very significantly, for some goats, the size difference may have taken a couple more freshenings!

So, comparing to Benediction, we can guess what Pecan's second freshening will be like!

So, we sold Pecan... And bought her back. We are very glad to welcome Pecan back into our herd and are excited to see her freshen next month (April 2016). She is still very friendly as she was before and we love her conformation (we never REALLY wanted to sell her...). Pecan has a fairly level topline, her legs are placed well. One thing I would like to improve on her is her head, as it is a bit more narrow than I'd prefer, (she gets this from Benediction), nevertheless we still love her. Welcome Home!

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  April 2016

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