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TMDG AS El's Moonshine In Blue


Sire: Liberty Call Farm Apollo 2015 LA: 87 VVE

SS: Double Durango Zeus II

SD: Buttin'Heads Empronada

Dam: Little Tots Estate Sunshine

DS: Caesar's Villa LV Eric

DD: Little Tots Estate Crocosmia

DOB: May 11 2015

ADGA# D1734783


Very pleased with this young, (yet big) doe from Sunshine. Moonshine is great example of what we would like to see in our animals, conformation wise. She has a moderate length, is deep, wide, very well proportioned, and very sweet! Only thing I'd like to change on her as a young doe is her topline, I'd like it to blend in together better and to be more level. Other than that, I love this doe!

Moonshine was started on bottle feeding for the first month, but Sunshine her dam is so maternal that she took her back even after a month of not seeing her. 

Moonshine is still very friendly, even more than some of our all-bottle fed kids.

We are looking forward to this this young lady grow and develop as we missed her dam to be Linear Appraised this year since she kidded after the L.A. 

We were sad about our poor planning on Sunshine but were very happy to see that she gave us a beautiful doe and buck.

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March 13 2017
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