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TMDG In Z Mist Of Meditation

  • 10 mo
    10 mo
  • 10 mo
    10 mo
  • 10 mo
    10 mo
  • Dam: Benediction
    Dam: Benediction
  • Dam's 4th freshening udder
    Dam's 4th freshening udder
  • TMDG Doeling at 20 hours old, (well, young!)
    TMDG Doeling at 20 hours old, (well, young!)

Sire: Little Tots Estate Ivory Mist 2015 LA: 85 +VV

SS: MCH Woodhaven Farms Luzifer Blue

SD: Enchanted Hill Glimmer

Dam: Peticure-O-Lait C Benediction 2015 LA: 88 VEEV

DS: Doublegate MS Charbon 2015 LA: 86 VVV

DD: KACO Yellow Rose Lady Banks 2010 LA: 83 A+EV

DOB: September 23 2015

ADGA: D1756398


Meditation is a beautiful young doe. She has an excellent conformation and is just, so.... perfect! (well, almost anyway...)

She actually has a brisket that shows well, (which is one thing that I find lacking in our herd) she is thick, healthy, deep and wide, but still has dairy character, as you can see. There are two things which I do not like about her, or would improve; 1) She has two skin tags on her head, (which just look ugly, and makes it more difficult to clip her head). 2) Her back legs. Though you cannot see it in the photo of  her at 10 months old, she does have slightly posty back legs. She gets this from Ivory Mist, her sire, (that was one thing we didn't like about him). But thats nothing, because just breeding an angular buck too her would fix that up. Other than the profile of her back legs, all her feet are very well placed and correct.

Meditation is Pecan's full sister, different freshening. Pecan had a ridiculous udder for the first time, so we'll see what Meditation will have when she kids. Benediction (dam) had a small udder as well for the first time, but on her second freshening, oh, she made up for her first freshening big time! So hopefully Pecan will too, (and the same if Meditation turns out like that).

VERY excited about this doe to watch her grow and develop and turn into a first freshener. Recently I, (Abigail) thought of selling this doe when we decided to cut our herd majorly. Fortunately Mom said we should keep her and I listened, (because I'm learning still and she usually has better judgement with that sort of thing).

Breeding Schedule
Due Date
 Buck Bred To
 Tested Pregnant?
March 28 2017
TMDG In Z Mist Of Meditation
TMDG In Z Mist Of Meditation
In Z Mist Of Meditation
Little Tot's Estate
Ivory Mist
ADGA - D1544706
Blue eyes
Woodhaven Farms
Luzifer Blue
All American Buck Kid 2004
ADGA - DD1342961
Blue eyes
Willow Creek
Luzin Streak
Woodhaven Farms
AGS- D-15552
Enchanted Hill
1 x Best Udder
ADGS - D1320199
Ponders End
DG Paddington
AGS- D-15920
Enchanted Hill
AGS- D-17749
C Benediction
ADGA: D1639793P

MS Charbon
ADGA D1638960
RWB Moonspots
ADGA - D1354036
PT Trix
ADGA D1634641
KACO Yellow Rose
*M *D
AGS - D-31920H ADGA - D1444264 NDGA - 07992F
Little Tot's Estate
11 x Grand Champion
2 x Best In Show
ADGA - D1357053 AGS - D18433 NDGA - 1451M
Yellow Rose
BA Snow Angel
AGDA - D1355738P AGS - D-12846H NDGA - 2991F
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Photo Credits

Woodhaven Farms Luzifer Blue and Little Tots Estate Tsuga photos courtesy to Little Tots Estate

Doublegate RWB Moonspots photo courtesy to Doublegate Farm

Yellow Rose BA Snow Angel photo courtesy to Yellow Rose Farm

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