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  • 3rd Freshening
    3rd Freshening
  • 3rd Freshening
    3rd Freshening
  • 2nd Freshening
    2nd Freshening
  • 2nd Freshening Udder
    2nd Freshening Udder
  • First Freshening
    First Freshening

Sire: Little Tots Estate Ivory Mist 2015 LA: 85 +VV

SS: MCH Woodhaven Farms Luzifer Blue

SD: Enchanted Hill Glimmer

Dam: KACO Yellow Rose Hearts Desire 2015 LA: 88 VEEV

DS: Kappio Acres KK Chief Justice

DD: Pecan Hollow LH Blue Bonnet

DOB: January 30 2015

ADGA: D1708714


LA Score 2015: 82 (++V+)

Lucy is built very similar to her dam, Desi. Our first daughter of Ivory Mist to freshen, we were a bit worried as Lucy was a bit slow to mature, in milk production. Very sturdy, births easily, and has only given us does. She is sort of small compared to the rest of our herd but her kids have proven to not be so small as she. We suppose she is just a gene carrier for size, but not actually having this trait in herself. Ivory Mist has improved the lack of fore udder Lucy, definitely. She has a moderate flow and a good looking udder. She, (like Desi), as far as I know has not been underweight or sick as long as she's been alive. We'll see what we do with her in the future, I sure hope we don't end up selling her! She is friendly, but not like some of the other all-over-you bottle fed kids we have, even though she was bottle fed. She has a wonderful personality and is not a cry baby either. Lucy is a blessed improvement from Desi!

Est. Due Date
 Bred To
December 2016
October 2015 
March 2015
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