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LA Score 2015: 85 (+VV)

We are pleased with Ivory Mist, we have sold him as he now resides at Mountain Mischief Homestead where he is being shown and on performance programs.

Little Tots Estate Ivory Mist

DoB: 04/22/2010

Dwarf Nigerian

ADGA: D1544706


Sire: Woodhaven Farms Luzifer Blue
Dam: Enchanted Hills Glimmer

Little Tot's Estate Ivory Mist
1st Generation 2nd Generation 3rd Generation 4th Generation 5th Generation
Little Tot's Estate Ivory Mist
ADGA - D1544706

Blue Eyes
Woodhaven Farms Luzifer Blue
All American Buck Kid 2004

ADGA - D1342961

Blue Eyes
Willow Creek Luzin Streak
AGS D-12743
Willow Creek Three-Time Luzer
AGS - D-12071
Willow Creek Nothin' To Luze
AGS - D-10191
Willow Creek White Lie

AGS - D-7275
Willows Luzianne
AGS - D-795
Willows Luzianne
AGS - D-795
Willows Alias
Willows Woebegone
AGS - D-242
Willows Luzianne
AGS - D-795
Willows Alias
Willows Amos Moses
Willows Penelope
Willows Woebegone
AGS - D-242
Brush Creek Bogart
AGS - D-100f
Willows Ivy League Gal
Committee Registered
Woodhaven Farms Zesta
AGS - D-15552
Woodhaven Farms Fat Chance
AGS - D-13358
Willow Creek Rhythm N Blues
AGS - D-6527
Woodhaven Farms Lonesome Blues
Flat Rocks Treasure
Megan's Own Babe
1997 Res. Nat. Champion

AGS - D-7686
Woodhaven Farms CZonka
AGS - D-5889
Shady Oak Cottontail
AGS - D-5830
Woodhaven Farms Eunice
AGS - D-5583
Jobi Goldsmith
AGS - D-2744
Piddlin' Acres Poland
AGS - D-1847
Goodwood Minuet

AGS - D-1742
Woodhaven Farms Shadow
AGS - D-3439
Woodhaven Farms Hammer
Woodhaven Farms Tootsie
Committee Registered
Enchanted Hill Glimmer
1 x Best Udder

ADGS - D1320199
Ponders End DG Paddington
AGS - D-15920
Ponders End MTB Dancing Gecko
AGS - D13843
Twin Creeks PD Moneyinthe Bank
AGS - D-11049
Willow Creek Paydirt
AGS - D-6172
Raha Acres Twinks Pixie

AGS - D-3460
Ponders End Maximum Scandal
AGS - D-7967
Flat Rocks Maximum Return
Baby Giant Psycho
Mighty Fine Prissy
AGS - D-11152
Twin Creeks BH Bravado

AGS - D-8336
Twin Creeks Brave Heart

AGS - D-6212
Far-N-Best Mopsy
*DAR 1404
AGS - D-958F
It'l Do's Spring's Delta
AGS - D-6433
It'l Do's Firecracker
Willow Creek Spring
Enchanted Hill Sparkle
AGS - D-17749
Enchanted Hill Limerick

AGS - D-3177
Goodwood Merlin
AGS - D-2796
Goodwood Alamo Messenger
++S AR

AGS - D-487
Goodwood Tahoka3*D
AGS - D-501F
Enchanted Hill Lisa
AGS - D-2370
Willows Razzle Dazzle

Enchanted Hill Lily Swap
AGS - D-18115
Willow Creek Shine
AGS - D-6958
Willows White Light'N

AGS - D461f
Willows Beauregard
AGS - D-215f
Willows Agnes
Hayseed Lil Coconut
AGS - D-3199
Hayseed Farm Buffalo Bill
Hayseed Farm Turnip
Updated 07/25/2014
All information is correct to the best of our ability to verify. Extended pedigrees have been created using ADGA, AGS and various Internet records, no authenticity is assured beyond official registration records.

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