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Doublegate LO Everee Wandaful

  • Everee as a young doe. Courtesy to Wanda Clark
    Everee as a young doe. Courtesy to Wanda Clark

Sire: Crowe's Nest JLP Look Out 2014 LA: 85 VVV

SS: Fairlea Jean-Luc Picard

SD: SGM S Mariposa

Dam: Doublegate PT Watchamacallit 

DS: TX Twincreeks Fax Pico Truffle

DD: Atwood Acres GR Whimsey 2010 LA: 85 V+E+

DOB: February 6 2014

Everee has kidded and her udder is great. She only had one doe, (which isn't bad at all) and her doeling is beautiful.

Everee has a magnificent udder; correct teat placement, well attached rear and fore, but of course, needs training. Everee is a good mom and her kid is growing great.

We were kindly gifted with this beautiful black doe from Wanda Clark from Doublegate Farm. Abigail enjoyed the gift so well that we picked the name Everee WANDAful which reminds us of her breeder. 

She is one of these does where we see length, depth, width and such a beautiful overall conformation. We are looking forward to see what she will be passing on for her first freshening! :)

Wanda breeds dairy girls that have refined bodies and milking capacities. We enjoy seeing her goats name here, there and everywhere lol (and in our farm too)!

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 April 2016

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