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Abigail's Agape IM Blue Belle

Sire: Little Tots Estate Ivory Mist 2015 LA: 85 +VV
SS: MCH Woodhaven Farms Luzifer Blue
SD: Enchanted Hill Glimmer

Dam: Peticure-O-Lait C Benediction 2015 LA: 88 VEEV
DS: Doublegate MS Charbon 2014 LA: 86 VVV
DD: KACO Yellow Rose Ladybanks 2010 LA: 83 A+EV

DOB: June 9 2014

ADGA# D1708711


LA Score 2015 Young Stock + (Good Plus = 80-84) PENDING

Blue Belle did not get the best compliments. Nothing very bad, but overall she was the first… from the last...haha. 

She is after all (as of now), looking like a Donkey disguised in a small refined goat. She is showing signs of too much refining right now. 

We agree as well and at the same time, because we do rely on our intuition, we are going to give her another shot. 

I remember her dam Benediction and having a feeling like she wouldn't be chosen as a good looking doe at some times throughout her growth. Benediction had huge long ears and was awkward looking and ended up with an 88 this year!

Blue Belle has a beautiful beautiful top line and rump! We'll go with our intuition. 

Blue Belle, you better get your "rump" moving! (lol).


Blue Belle is actually going to be moving to her new farm soon with Fab-N-All-Zhat our buck and Eclipse in Blue (another buck of ours).

We are glad to see her going to a performance farm where she will be shown and Linear Appraised. We are hoping that her breedings will enhance her flaws and that as she ages she adjusts and strengthens herself.

We can't wait to hear news about her udder and the kids she will have, and her next breedings.

We are hoping the best for her and her new owners in GA!

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