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AJJ Farm Baa Zinga

  • Photo Courtesy AJJ Farm
    Photo Courtesy AJJ Farm
  • At our farm looking for Chickadee...
    At our farm looking for Chickadee...

Sire: Chenango-Hills Bo Brummel 2013 LA: 81 +++

SS: Chenango-Hills Horus

SD: Chenango-Hills Fashion Plate 2011 LA: 88 VVEV

Dam: KACO Yellow Rose Baa Dazzled 2013 LA: 84 +V++

DS: CH Kappio Acres KK Chief Justice

DD: Good Measure Farm Dazzler

DOB: February 23 2014

ADGA# D1671464


Zinga kidded! She had triplets as a first freshener, and she did a great job! Though we can't yet see her full udder, (we're letting our goats dam raise their kids this year) what we can see is great. Zinga has an excellent MSL and a well rounded udder. Her teats are fairly well placed and are easy to milk.

I went to AJJ Farm to pick up a doe Abigail was wanting (Chickadee), and I had seen Zinga on AJJ Farm's website. I loved the picture to start with.

When I came and got to see her, I was just blown away by her conformation. She is long, deep chested and all I could think was: "she's built like Benediction, Blue Belle and  Fae Des Neiges!" 

I love love love her length, face, width, deep chest. I just can't wait until we get her to freshen and Linear Appraise her.

I wouldn't even care if she had a low score (yeah, I don't think she will), because she has the body type I look for in my herd. Like Lady Banks, Benediction, Blue Belle, Fae Des Neiges, Desirée Heart and Rocket Milk Blaster.

I now pray her teats and udder are going to be easy flowing milk, and if so, she will be passing on the types of girls and boys I personally look for.

Thanks Jennifer for letting me twist your arm and parting with her! <3

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 March 2016
 Doublegate TH Fashion's Stud
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