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2017 Kids


J1 - TMDG FB Red Moon Rising - buckling - disbudded - SOLD

J2 - TMDG FB Knight's Desert Storm - buckling - polled - Deceased

D.O.B. February 9 2017

KACO Yellow Rose Hearts Desire X TMDG FS Zuv Chalav

J3 Buckskin w/ Frosted Ears and Muzzle Buckling - SOLD

J4 Buckskin Buckling  - SOLD

J5 Black and White Buckling - SOLD

D.O.B. February 12 2017

J6 Orange-ish Cream w/ White Belt and Random White Buckling

D.O.B. February 22 2017

J7 - Mixed Brown and White with Blue Eyes, Doeling - Considering to be retained.

J8 - Light Red with Blue Eyes, Doeling - Polled - SOLD (deceased)

J9 - Black with Minimal Random White, Doeling - Polled - SOLD

J10 - Mostly Black, Minimal Scattered White with a Moonspot and Blue Eyes, Doeling - Polled - Retained.

D.O.B. February 24 2017

J11 - Red Buckskin, Buckling

J12 - Chocolate Roan with Minimal White, Frosted Ears & Muzzle, Doeling

J13 - Buckskin, Minimal White, Frosted Ears & Muzzle

D.O.B. March 19 2017

TMDG FH Désirée Heart X TMDG A Darash Levav

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